About Sonia Martinez


I had life planned all planned out.....or so I thought. Wanted a career in Law Enforcement and wasn't keen on the idea of getting married or having a family. Life was about me and that was how I liked it!

A decade later, I'm enjoying married life with my handsome bestie and our two beautiful kids with no Law Enforcement career in sight. So I guess my plans changed just a little bit (okay, completely lol) but it led me down the amazing path of entrepreneurship! Now I realize that working for myself and building something on my own is my true passion.   

Founder of (ready for this?)........

The Single Mom Plan, The Perfect Match Directory, and Course To Launch! 


Yep! I pretty much serve everyone! haha

You're probably wondering why I do so much, and my answer is: Because I have so much to teach. I see the need in different areas and if I can help make those needs feel less complicated, then I'm in! 

My reason behind all the madness? Let me break it down for you........ 

The Single Mom Plan

This course was created as a labor of love. It's my love project because it hits close to home. I was raised by a single mama and I lived the everyday struggle that others don't understand. This is why TSMP is designed to help single mamas start building their virtual business so they can create the life they (and their babies) deserve!

The Perfect Match Directory

I love to help others but I realized very quickly that I can't do it all on my own, which is why I created The Perfect Match Directoryto help Entrepreneurs get to where they want to be faster so they can grow their business without having to tackle it all themselves. The directory provides access to over 50 amazing and talented women (experts) ready to help you scale! 

Course To Launch

As a Kajabi Expert, I've come across so many new course creators who have felt lost with the course creation process and I know it can be out of budget for some to invest in Kajabi Experts, but why should that stop them from achieving greatness?! This is why I created Course To Launch. To help with the entire course setup process by following the step-by-step process! No more stressing, just launching!


Everything I do, I do with a helpful heart. Why? because I love to see others succeed at their goals. So whether you're ready to take one of my courses to learn everything you can, join the directory to find your dream team, or need my help with your Kajabi platform to get you ready to launch...I am here for it!! and ready to help you move forward.